Would you like to have a greater impact on the future of your community and realize significant tax savings?

The North Dakota Tax Credit for Charitable Giving law makes it possible for individuals, businesses and financial institutions to make gifts to qualified nonprofit organizations, for qualified endowments and receive generous tax credits. This law provides for a 40% ND tax credit on qualified charitable contributions of $5,000 or more. Click here for printable tax advantages form.


Working with Nonprofits

Nonprofits provide vital services to our region that address the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional needs of area residents. Programs are varied and can include a wide array from art and yoga therapy for veterans, summer camps for youth, meals and basic care for seniors, homelessness, Music and Art programs, K-12 and Higher education programs.

SJCHF is here to help area nonprofits address funding for current needs and to make plans for future funding. We are here to help individuals and organizations in our region meet their mission and goals.

We can help nonprofits fund specific projects and programs through our St. Joseph’s Endowment fund and numerous other granting opportunities. But we are most excited about helping you establish an endowment fund for your organization. An endowment fund provides permanent charitable cash-flow and over time, these interest earnings can become an important part of your annual budget. Endowment funds are an indicator that an organization’s leadership is planning for the future.

Get Started:

  • A nonprofit agency or one of its supporters makes a gift to SJCHF for the organization.
  • The Fund is established with this initial gift and the completion of an agreement outlining terms and conditions.
  • Anyone may make gifts at any time to the organization’s endowment fund. These gifts may be cash, publicly traded or closely held securities, bequests, planned gifts, insurance, IRAs, Remainder or Lead Trusts, real property, etc.
  • Foundation staff handles the administrative details and tax forms.

Financial Facts

  • Designated Endowment Funds can be established with a minimum gift but must have reached a total balance of $10,000 within 2 years.
  • Approximately 4% of the previous 12 quarter rolling average of the Fund’s balance is available annually for the organization’s use.
  • Funds are invested in a diversified portfolio designed to manage market risk, dampen market volatility, and ensure steady growth over time.

For more information about how an endowment fund can help your nonprofit, please give us a call at 701-837-1726.

St. Joseph’s Foundation Endowment Funds