Twice Blessed

St. Joseph’s Community Health Foundation’s 4th annual
TWICE BLESSED giving program dates are Nov. 15 through Dec. 31, 2020.

$287,183.99 was distributed through Twice Blessed in the first year.
$557,660.37 was distributed in the second year to 42 organizations.

$806,179.31 was distributed in the third year, January 2019, to 53 organizations

This year St. Joseph’s Community Health Foundation is providing $350,000 toward matching gifts for a total match gift possible of $700,000 or more.  All gifts given go 100% to the organizations selected by you.  2020 Organizations will be selected in September from Grant Applications.  Applications are available now through the online grant portal  and are due August 17, 2020.

You donate. We double

Level 1

no minimum / max match of $2500

Level 2

$2000 minimum goal for match /
max match of $5,000

Level 3

$2000 minimum goal for match /
max match of $10,000

Level 4

$2000 minimum goal for match /
max match $15,000 –  $25,000